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Frequent Flyers Share Five Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Are you a frequent traveler or just venturing out for the first time?

According to News.com.au, there were 59 international airlines operating scheduled services to and from Australia.

This means an incredible 2.97 million passengers were transported across the skies.

Twelve expert flyers shared five incredible tips for flying.

Shedule A Stop

On a long-haul flight? Stop overs make for a much more comfortable flight and you might even be lucky enough to stop off somewhere incredible!

Do An Aeroplane Shop

Shop around for the best deals AND the most comfort. It’s so important to do your research when comparing flights.

Dress In Layers – It gets cold up there!

Dressing in smart casual attire is the best for flying, however, because you’re sitting for long periods of time – it can get che frio! That’s Spanish for cold.

If you dress in layers, you can take off or put back on depending on the climate in the cabin!

Choose Your Seat

If you preselect your seat, you can decide what you are willing to put up with. i.e Someone getting up to go to the loo mid flight while your sleeping, or not being able to go to the loo because the person next to you is sleeping…

It’s The Little Things

Take a little care kit with you. Pack water, lip balm, ear buds, a pillow, a book – whatever makes you comfortable. Don’t forget your noise cancelling headphones because the ones they provide you with are heinous!

What other tips do you have for frequent flyers? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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