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How One Dinner Changed This Woman's Life Is So, So Horrible

A high-flying TV Producer was left in a coma, brain-damaged and wheelchair-bound after eating just one bit of a dish she ordered in a restaurant.

Amy May Shead, 29, was with friends in Budapest in 2014 when she took just one mouthful of a chicken and rice dish and suffered a near-fatal anaphylactic reaction.

The incident happened despite Amy informing the manager and chef she had a nut allergy and them assuring her it would be fine.

Two doses of the EpiPen she had on hand failed to contain the reaction and Amy was staved of oxygen for six minutes before being left in a coma with brain damage.

Now wheel-chair bound, Amy appeared on UK show This Morning with her parents Roger and Sue Ahead who are now fighting for allergies to be taken more seriously.

Presenter Eamonn Holmes has continually been asking for nuts to be banned from all flights after he saw a young boy having an allergic reaction.

Ruth comforted Amy throughout the interview. She asked Amy, who is unable to speak but could understand what was being said, what she thought of the debate and she communicated by blinking that she agreed there should be a ban in place on nuts on flights.

Gently holding Amy's hand, Ruth told her: 'You’re so brave for coming on here, we all love to see you and we miss you on here.'

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