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How this Woman's Tinder Date Resulted In Donating Her Kidney

For most of us, a successful first date begins with chemistry and ends with a kiss. 

However when 47-year-old Erika Bragan's close friend went on a Tinder date with a new woman, Bragan scored an entirely different type of success: her life. 

While on a tinder date with Jennifer Thomas, 43-year-old Rich O'Dea mentioned that his friend Erika was ill and in need of a new kidney. 

Bragan, a mother of two from Florida has polycystic kidney disease. 

Without knowing O'Dea or Bragan at all, Thomas immediately decided that she wanted to help. 

Thomas told People magazine "I felt for Erika. I'm a mum and she's a mum and I just couldn't imagine being in her shows and her children losing their mother. I knew I had to find a way to help her". 

When O'Dea received a text message from Thomas a week after their Tinder date asking if there was a way she could find out if she and Erika matched, he couldn't believe it. 

"I didn't realise she was completely serious about being a kidney donor" he said. "We were on a Tinder date, after all! But that just speaks to her character - she is so passionate and caring and driven". 

While O'Dea and Thomas decided not to continue dating each other, he put her in contact with Bragan's family. 

After three long months of testing, doctors found that Bragan and Thomas were indeed a match. 

Bragan is due to receive her new kidney on November 18th. 

"Jennifer is our angel, she came down from heaven and blessed us!" Bragan's husband Scott told People Magazine. "We are so thankful, the planets aligned and Tinder gave her an angel. It's a story you just can't make up. We cannot thank her enough for her generosity. So many things had to align for this to come together. Everything happens for a reason and as weird as it sounds, we have a dating app to thanks for saving my wife's life". 

Source: news.com.au

Image: Erika Bragan (left), Jennifer Thomas (middle) and Rich O'Dea (left) Via Rich O'Dea's Facebook. 

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