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If You Have One Of These Names, It s Affecting Your Career

Apple. Blue. Sunday. Moon Unit… celebrity baby names. Cute when they’re young but imagine putting THAT on your resume.

It is considered one of the hardest jobs of all when parenting - the name choosing.

It’s something that sticks like glue and can rarely be changed, so it’s a BIG deal.

Author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson believes that these super weird names could impact your child’s job prospects.

Her new book, The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names, talks about the impacts a name can have later in life.

Speaking to Mamamia’s This Glorious Mess podcast, she said: “One CEO of a particularly big name company said to me, “I cannot help but look down on names that are misspelled.”

While it is common-place to give your child an unusual name, it can be pretty awkward for that kid as he grows up - particularly when he continuously has to correct everyone who tries to spell it.

“It’s got a silent J.” 

Ok, Chris. Ok.

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