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"It's Growing Inside Of Me"

Sick of cutesy baby announcements with baby sized sneakers and musical numbers? 

This may be more your style. 

Gavin Holt was given full reign to create a pregnancy announcement video for family and friends and it's not what you expect. 

Taking on the style of a thriller, you are given a few clues along the way but it's not until the end that you really understand what is happening. 

Even the pet cat got involved. 

"My wife let me have free reign on our 'announcement' video," Redditor optimus_maximus​ aka Gavin Holt told Cosmopolitan.com.

"I may have cursed my house.

"It's hard to tell your pregnant wife to stand in the driveway while you drive up with her saying again and again, 'Don't make it too morbid!'"

All hail creativity and some creepy underscoring! 

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