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Keira Reveals The Very Unusual Thing She Looks For In A Guy

She was unsuccessful in finding Mr Right during her time on The Bachelor.

And on Monday night's 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' Keira Maguire, may have provided some insight into why. 

The former reality star explained exactly what she looks for in a guy, and it’s pretty straightforward…

Good hands. 

Yep, that’s all she needs. Just good, manly but well-groomed, hands that have been looked after but look like they haven’t been.

Got it?

After chatting to fellow campmates Carson Kressley, Tegan Martin and Lisa Curry, Kiera admitted she would ‘never go there’ with Kris Smith but would go for Dane Swan.

“He’s [Kris] just not my type. I would date Dan over Kris - personality wise,” she admitted.

“He’s just not my…”

She then went on to explain the traits she looks for in a guy.

“I’m obsessed with men who have sexy hands. Like a manly hand. Like they haven’t looked after their hands but they have, you know?”

She then went on to add: “I love boys with brown eyes, dark hair, tanned skin.

Oh and an older guy…

“I want to date a 40-year-old - My ex-boyfriends have all been between 38 and 44.”

Anyone out there fit the bill?

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