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Kylie Jenner Is Breaking The Law And Getting Away With It

Kylie Jenner must be one of the most influential teens on Snapchat.

She was early to the party and has millions of followers who eat up her Snaps every day.

Kylie is usually found on the popular messaging app with one or two fingers suggestively playing with her infamous lips, singing along to music and hanging out with her mates.

Her sweet rides often feature in her snaps too and she loves taking videos of herself travelling in her luxury cars. 

What's REALLY concerning though is that Kylie posts snaps while she's driving.

She's not parked up waiting on a friend or sitting at traffic lights.

The reality TV star is snapping while driving and considering her followers are mainly made up of young teenagers who can be easily influenced maybe it's time we ask why Kylie Jenner is breaking the law and getting away with it.

The State of California has several laws banning the use of mobile phones while driving.

It's also against the law to send texts and emails while behind the wheel.

The only time a driver can pick up the phone while in motion is to call the emergency services.

So it seems like Kylie Jenner has some s'plainin' to do...

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