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Macca’s Is Shaking Things Up And You’re Going To Love It

Everybody’s favourite Macca’s products are getting a transformed.

For the very first time in its golden arch history, the fast food chain will be launching a Chicken Big Mac and Cheeseburger Shaker Fries.

Combining customer love for the Big Mac and McChicken, the Chicken Big Mac will feature crisp iceberg lettuce, signature cheese, onions, pickles and topped with the iconic Big Mac special sauce. Our mouths are watering already! 

Due to being the most in-demand and regularly requested item, Shaker Fries are back with a brand new Cheeseburger flavor.

The shoestring potatoe-y goodness have been combined with the classic flavour of the Cheeseburger – beef, onions, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese. What is this sorcery?

The Chicken Big Mac and Cheeseburger Shaker Fries will be available in Restaurants and Drive- Thru nationwide from 31st May and for a limited time only.

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