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Marcia Mikhael Reveals What Saved Her Life in Sydney Siege

Marcia Mikael, one of the victims of the Sydney Siege was shot in the leg in the final moments of between police and gunman Man Monis.

In a tell-all interview with Channel Seven premiering Sunday Feb 8, Mikhael goes into detail of the smell of the gunfire and the vital move which saved her life.
Mikhael had huddled with Katrina Dawson who had her face in Mikhael’s hands to protect her from the gunfire. It was Mikhael who firt got hit in her right leg by a bullet who then made the life-saving decision to roll away.

“That’s when I looked to my right to see if Katrina was okay. She wasn’t moving. I looked up at the police and told them ‘help, I’m here, help’ and as soon as they got to me I said go ‘please take her first, she’s not moving”.

The other remarkable story was between Lindt co-workers Elly Chen and Jieun Bae who for hours had been slowly devising a plan to unlock a latch which would be instrumental to their final escape “I’d already made up my mind that I was going to escape. And I knew how to unlock the door that was in front of me”.

With two specials on both Nine and Seven we will expect to hear incredible stories of survival in one of the darkest moments in our nation.

Inside the Siege: The Untold Story 6pm, Sunday February 8 on Seven - READ MORE HERE
60 Minutes: The Siege Survivors, Sunday February 8 on Nine - WATCH MORE HERE

Source: Seven News, 60 Minutes, Daily Telegraph

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