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Meet The ‘Hot Cop’ Making Women Around The World Wild

Women are swooning over a really good-looking police officer from California, but that's not the whole reason for his photos going viral.

A three-year-old named Tayden Nguyen was feeling sad after a day at preschool so his uncle, Joe Ranalla, called up the Westminster Police Department. Not to report a crime, but because Tayden really loves the police.

The station dispatched the man of every woman's dream Officer Mike Gradilla, 26, to cheer up the little boy.

The photos of the pair have since gone viral.

Westminster police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Esqueda said Gradilla is passionate about creating positive relationships within the community.

“Mike is a giver,” Esqueda said. “He’d give you the shirt off his back and quietly helps the homeless. This is not a publicity stunt. Mike’s the real deal.”


Source: OC Register

Photos: Facebook

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