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Move Over Human Barbie! Everyone, Meet Human Ken

His name is Rodrigo Alves and he's a 28-year-old flight attendant from London who has been dubbed the latest 'human Ken'.

His predecessors, Human Ken 1 (Justin Jedlica) and Human Ken 2 (Celso Santebanes) were among the first to start this plastic surgery-filled craze, but we think Rodrigo has taken this obsession with perfection and raised the stakes.

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A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on

Rodrigo has previously spent 125,000 pounds on surgical enhancements to make him look more like Ken, including botox, dermal fillers, nose jobs, calf-shaping, leg liposuction - and even six-pack implants. Recently, he went under the knife again for a marathon six-in-one surgery that included an eye procedure, a fourth nose job, more liposuction, a procedure that cuts his gums to make his smile wider - and a toe-pinning surgery to straighten them out.

Shockingly, Rodrigo also requested that the fat extracted from his body be mixed with his blood and injected back into his face. And the doctors did it. They also reportedly used the cartlidge from his ear to pin back his nostrils.

These procedures mean that he has now spent more money to look like Ken than both Ken 1 and Ken 2 put together - and he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Rodrigo claims that he was bullied at school and has undergone this shocking surgery in a bid to feel better in his own skin.

See the images from @Rodrigoalvesuk's official account below...

@dr_elkinjimenez #e! #eonline

A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on

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A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on

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A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on

... and he's even got the Ken doll body!

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