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New Footage Shows 'Clown' Trying To Break And Enter

A homeowner has said he is fearing for his life after a surveillance camera captured a person dressed as a clown, brandishing a knife, trying to enter his home.

The creepy footage shows the clown, complete with painted face and wig, attempting to open various doors around the property.

The incident happened at 2 AM in Texas and shows the flow trying out locks, peering through windows and opening gates.

Uploaded to video-sharing site LiveLeak, the video came with the caption 'This morning I noticed my gate was open. I checked my surveillance cameras and found someone in a clown costume was trying to get into my house.

'I'm sure we would all be dead today if he were able to get in.'

Many commenters have questioned whether the scene was set up, given the attitude of the clown as it walks around the property.

'That phenomenal seemed pretty familiar with that house, it's almost as if he lived there and put a clown costume on to make a video,' one person wrote. 

Another said: 'Clown wants in, spends forever walking around in the open with light showing him there. Decides he doesn't want in as he doesn't break a window. He showed up with a knife ready to kill, but will not break a window...'

A third commented: 'Wow what a coincidence the lighting was just perfect for the video. I mean when you're going to break into a house and kill everyone you always make sure all the lights are on.'

The phenomenon of ‘killer’ or ‘creepy’ clowns has been raging for long enough that police do not believe it is this year Halloween fad, with a White House spokesperson saying ‘’This is a situation that law enforcement is taking quite seriously.’ 

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