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One Of Our Favourite Aussie Magazines Is CLOSING

The bedroom walls of of many an creative Aussie chicks are about to have a lot less cutouts, with indie magazine 'Yen' shutting down, effective immediately. 

The editorial team made the shock announcement when it posted to social media details about the "latest and final issue of Yen", which went on sale today.

"With a tear in our eye, we announce that the latest and final issue of Yen goes on sale today," it read. "We’re proud to go out on a high note, with an issue that emulates all that has gone before it and celebrates all the good things in our own backyard."

The post thanked Yen's loyal leaders, who have treasured its unique spin on the classic women’s lifestyle magazine since it launched in 2002.

"Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank you, the reader, for your lovely letters, your input, for subscribing or picking us up at the newsagency, for reading us online and for being part of the Yen community."

In 2016, Yen's monthly circulation was at 27,000; to put that in context, Dolly had a circulation of 30,000 when it folded in November last year.

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