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Passenger Captures Panic During Emergency Landing

A British passenger captured the moment the flight he was on were told they had to force an emergency water landing, on his phone.

Ethan Williams, 25, started filming when he saw cabin crew rushing around the cabin on hi Cathay Airways flight from Hong Kong to LA.

They were ordered to remove their shoes and put on their life vests after smoke was detected aboard the Boeing 777-300ER.

Ethan very calmly speaks of what's going on to the camera: "I’m not sure what’s happening but there’s something happening on this flight. All the flight attendants are running around like crazy and warning signs going off, hopefully it’s not anything too bad and we’ll be alright."

A flight attendant can be heard telling passengers: "We are going to do an emergency landing and it might be necessary for us to make an emergency breach".

But luckily, the flight did not have to do a water landing, but was diverted to a remote US airbase in Alaska Aleutian Islands.

Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery James Ginns said: "Once again, we send our sincere apologies to the passengers of Flight CX884. We thank them for their patience and understanding during our efforts to fly them to their intended destination.

"Safety will always remain our top priority and we will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of this incident."

H/T Metro

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