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Photo Proof We Had The ROWDIEST Melbourne Cup Of All Time

We all know that one of the funniest things about a day at the races is the fact that it begins so classy, and ends so… not classy.


Times that by ten at the Melbourne Cup and you’ll begin to get an idea of what the punters looked like by the end of the day.


In what’s being questioned as the ‘rowdiest Melbourne Cup’ ever, nine people were arrested, 78 kicked out and five taken to hospital - just in Flemington alone.


Seven of the nine were arrested for being too drunk, one person for assault and one for trafficking drugs, according to a Victoria Police spokeswoman.


Before lunchtime, one woman was seen taking a nap on a friend with a pile of beer cans in front of her, while others were cartwheeling - and of course, the heels came off in record time.


One woman was also photographed being sick into a bag.

The grounds were a sharp contrast to the Birdcage, where the elite gathered to celebrate Cup Day.


Jennifer Hawkins, Bec Hewitt and E! News’ Maria Menounos were among the celebs to kick up their heels for the day.


Source: Daily Mail

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