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Pranksters Want To Turn Hanson's Fish & Chip Shop Halal

Well that is one way to take matters into your own hands...

A crowdfunding page has been established to buy Pauline Hanson's former fish and chip business and turn it into a halal food shop.

Okay, so so far it's only gained a snack-sized interest, but it's two days into the fundraising campaign, there's plenty of time left. 

Hanson, who will return to Canberra after 18 years following her win at Saturday's election, ran the Ipswich business, now owned by a Vietnamese couple, when she was first elected to parliament in 1996.

So far the GoFundMe campaign to raise $100,000 has so far reached $130 from 10 donations.

The initiative is certainly garnering media interest. 

We'd love to know what Pauline's reaction would be to seeing her own Fish and Chip store becoming the one stop Halal Snack Pack shop... 

There has also been some backlash to the initiative, saying money would be better spent elsewhere. 

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