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Read Mum’s Letter To Doctor Who Advised She Abort Her Baby

Every child is perfect. 

There is no denying that, you will love them no matter what they do as they are yours.

Pregnancy can be tough, we all know that but when one mother was told that she should abort her baby because it's quality of life would be ''horrible'' one Mum took offence.

Her baby was going to be born with Downs Syndrome and the doctor thought that it would be better to not give birth.

One year on, that mother, Courtney Baker decided to write a letter to her prenatal specialist and tell them exactly what Emersyn is like.

Baker says that Emersyn is ''perfect'' and she is not bitter at the specialist because they will never have ''the privilege of knowing my daughter''.

The post was so powerful that we have chosen to share it with you and we really hope you can read the comments.

You may cry at the overwhelming positivity.

Children are all amazing, remember that.

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