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Someone Has Re-Created Justin Bieber's Songs For The 1980s!

Justin Bieber wasn't around in the 1980's but he should have been for this very reason.

Youtuber TronicBox has taken Bieber's hits and re-created them as if they were released a few years before he was born.

What Do You Mean? was the first be given a makeover and is now a synth-heavy love ballad and there's even a saxophone solo. AMAZE.

Then came Love Yourself, which is way better in the 80's than in 2015.

Both clips were uploaded with amazing mocked-up images of Bieber sporting a mullet-hairdo, to YouTube in April. 

They have now started to go viral.

It's not the first time he has uploaded different versions of songs.. Here's Ariana Grande for a taster of what else the YouTuber can do!

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