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Sydney Siege Victim Recalls 'Final Call' To Family

If you were given the opportunity to say goodbye to your family one final time, could you find the words? 

That harrowing experience is what Sydney siege survivor Marcia Mikhael, 43, details in an emotional tell all interview set to air on Channel Seven. 

In the throws of the terrifying 17 hour ordeal at the hands of the Lindt Cafe gunman, Man Haron Monis gave a number of hostages the brief opportunity to call their loved ones for what may be the final time. 


Mikhael was forced to make the call to her three sons, unable to say her goodbyes to her husband who was anxiously waiting outside Martin Place waiting for an update on his wife.

While the exact details of the interview are yet to be released, Seven Network's executive producer has shared a teaser with The Weekend Australian.

“She recounts what she thinks may be the last conversation she ever has with her sons,” Seven’s executive producer Mark ­Llewellyn told The Weekend Australian.

“I don’t think I’ve seen or heard anything more emotional than this. It’s one of the most powerful interviews I’ve ever seen, and I have seen them all.”

The interview also reveals that during a short bathroom break Mikhael was able to shoot a chilling text message tot her husband that merely read "Lindt Hostage" to which he replied with "I Love You'.

Mikhael's much anticipated story is also likely to touch on the emotion and fear she felt while holding up an Islamic flag, her brief correspondence with police while being forced against the window and the final moments of her rescue, sitting beside the late Katrina Dawson.

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