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The Aussie Dollar Is Going Up So It’s Time To Book A Holiday

Rejoice! You can now go to the USA and SPEND UP BIG!

The Aussie dollar has continued to make gains over the last few days and could even break 85c to 1USD!

Yesterday, our currency stayed at its highest level since May 2015 in the US market, as well as lifted its game in the Japanese Yen and the euro.

If your keen to go on holidays, now is the time to book and pay up front because, one Aussie dollar buys:

79.54 US cents, up from 79.22 on Wednesday

88.96 Japanese yen, from 88.81 yen

69.08 euro cents, from 68.72 euro cents

“Better-than-expected numbers, particularly with gains in full-employment, should result in a break above the 80 cents threshold, with the upward momentum expected to accelerate then,” FXStreet analyst Valeria Bednarik told AAP.

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