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The Coachella Photo That Got 1.8 million Likes

If you’re an A-lister in Hollywood, no doubt you’ll be at Coachella each year.


It’s where the creme de la creme go to party - and the boho chic outfits on display are reason enough to secure yourself a ticket.

Well, this year a lot of ‘young Hollywood’ identities made their way to the festival - and the snaps were TO DIE FOR.


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Mermaid braids, boho curls, floral accessories, chokers; it was all there.

But even though Taylor Swift’s debut of her platinum blonde crop seriously impressed (with a whopping 1.7m likes) it was Kendall Jenner who won Instagram.

Sorry, Kylie.

Kendall uploaded a photo of herself leaning back in a sheer lace top, Pharrell Williams-style hat and John Lennon-style glasses - and she looked divine.

Apparently everybody else thought so too.

She managed to rack up a WHOPPING 1.8m Instagram likes in just two days, more than anyone else - including her sister Kylie - who got just 1.5m likes for her sequinned bikini shot complete with multicoloured mermaid braids.

rainbow braids 🌈

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Though my eyes are too poor to see it, many are saying it’s the fact that Kendall’s rumoured nipple piercing features in the photo helped secure her Insta win.

I’m not sure I believe that.

Anyway - looked fun!

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