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The ‘Ferno 2045’ Deployed For Drunks At Melbourne Cup

We all know that Melbourne Cup is one of those days where celebration is rife, and if you’re not counting your champagnes properly, it can quickly turn from a chic day, into a shamozzle.


The legends at St. John’s Ambulance know this, so they’ve introduced a wheelchair-like device to help those who overindulge at the Cup.

The Ferno 2045 Carry Chair was used at Flemington race course this weekend just gone to transport patients and those who have fallen ill.


It includes safety restraints at your waist and feet and ensures you won’t slip out as they whisk you to safety.

Ferno produce a number of chairs designed to move people weighing up to almost 230 kilograms. The one used at Flemington had waist and leg restraints, a head extension, fold-out foot handles and storage pockets - and costs about $2,600.


Thankfully it will be back in action for the Melbourne Cup! Hopefully you don’t get to the point that you need this, but if you do, at least you’re in great hands!


Source: Daily Mail

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