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The Full House HOUSE Is For Sale, People!

You can now live like the Tanners everyone.

All you need is a coooooool $4.15 million and you are in!

That's right 1709 Broderick Street, the San Francisco home famous for its role as ''exterior of the Tanner household'' in the Full House opening credits is officially up for sale.

The website Realtor.com describes it as ''709 Broderick Street represents a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of San Francisco history.'' The thing is, while the outside may familiar, the inside does not as the show was actually filmed on a soundstage.

By looking familiar, though, the house is now blue.


Still, though, I wouldn't turn the inside down.. it still looks better than my 1 bedroom apartment that is filled with my parents old furniture.




PLUS, the garden. The garden. The garden.


I am just hoping nobody but myself turns up at the auction.


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