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The Horrifying Game Leaving Kids Seriously Injured

This prank is anything but funny. 

A nine-year-old boy from Port Lincoln, Stuart Price, has become the victim of a childish lark at a football field.

Stuart, who was riding his bicycle at the time, was approached by a group of older boys, who then encouraged him to ride faster.

Unbeknownst him, the boys had set a trap by tying a rope between a flag pole and a fence, so that Stuart would ride right into it.

The result – some terrifying injuries that could have been prevented.

Stuart’s Mum, Katherine Price, shared images of her son on Facebook, calling for help to find the boys responsible.


Image: Katherine Price.

“My kid was riding his bike around and some other kids tied the rope from one of the flag poles to the fence — as a result he was nearly strangled,” she wrote on the Port Lincoln Cash Classifieds public page.

 “If anyone saw anything please let me know as these kids did this on purpose and it could have ended very badly,” she said. 

Stuart ‘struggled to breathe’ almost immediately after the incident.

So dangerous!

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