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The New Dating Term You Can Definitely Relate To

There was ghosting, bread crumbing, stashing.... Here's the next one.


It all comes back to the holidays and Christmas. 

That moment when your ex who you hadn't thought of in months - or years - is all of a sudden trying to get back in contact. 

And apparently it's super common. 

The term came about from a reference to the movie A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge's ex-business parter, Jacob Marley, comes back to haunt him. 

In fact, it happens to around one in ten of us. 

Have you been 'Marleyed'? 

Or have you gotten in contact with an ex around the holiday season after an extended period of no contact?

Apparently it is mainly due to people feeling lonely during the holidays or returning to their home town and making the possibility of a hook up with an old flame within reach. 

Now we know... 

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