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The New Trailer For ''The Girl On The Train'' Is CHILLING

It's the best-selling thriller that has left the world flicking page-to-page for the last few years.

And now it's coming to the big screen, with Emily Blunt leading the cast as main woman Rachel Watson.

The 33-year-old is set to put on a chilling display as she seen frantically attempting to piece together the murder of Megan Hipwell, while also trying to come to terms with the loss of her marriage.

The film is based on the 2015 novel by British author Paula Hawkins and follows the lives of three women, Rachel, Anna and Megan, when Megan is eventually murdered.

Emily will be playing alcoholic Rachel, who is falling apart after her husband Tom cheated on her with Anna.

The original book was set in London but the film will take place in New York but Emily does keep her British accent.

Blunt looks miles away from herself as she is left messy hair, blotchy skin and she's reddened by her characters alcohol abuse.

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