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The One Mistake Smartphone Users Are Making

Users beware! There’s ANOTHER scam targeting smartphone users.

According to some new research by Apple, $70 billion has been paid to app makers, however, some of it not legitimately.

A bogus piece of software has been found that earns its creators $80,000 a month by tricking people into subscribing. 

The app appears to be free to download, however, the creators have manipulated a “Search ad” advertising feature to push them to the top of the search pile.

If you don’t pay attention once subscribing, you can be tricked into paying for expensive subscriptions.

Johnny Lin, a blogger from Medium, was the one to figure out the loophole.

“Scammers are abusing Apple’s relatively new and immature App Store Search Ads product,” he said. “There’s no filtering or approval process for ads, ads look almost indistinguishable from real results, and some ads take up the entire search result’s first page.”

The app just needs 200 people to be scammed for them to make bank... so don't let it be YOU!

Be on the look out everyone!

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