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‘The Girl On The Train's' Shock Inclusion...

Girl on the Train is set to be this year’s new box-office smash hit, but there’s one part of the movie early viewers can’t seem to get over. 

The movie, which stars Emily Blunt as train commuter Rachel Watson, promises one shock twist… but we reckon you’re about to get two! 

The star studded line up of Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Alison Janney is missing one HUGE star everyone thought was in it. That’s right, if you watched the film's trailer and thought Jennifer Lawrence was in the movie THINK AGAIN. 

Actress and singer Hayley Bennet actually stars as Megan in the film but her striking resemblance to Lawrence has us completely freaked out! 


Fans took to Twitter to share their disbelief. undefined


Will the real Jennifer Lawrence please stand up...

Source: Instagram

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