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The Reason Facebook, Instagram & Tinder All Shut Down

For anyone who loves their smartphone and social media, this afternoon on the way home from work something horrible happened. Social media sites, Facebook and Instagram and dating app Tinder all shut down.

First thoughts about why this fault occured was due to severe blizzards in New York. However it has emerged it was a hacking group behind the temporary shutting down of Facebook HQ (owners of Instagram and Tinder) and their servers. 

The same hackers responsible for hacking into the Malaysian Airlines website yesterday and Sony's XBox have claimed responsibility, they are known as the Lizard Squad.

The approximate half hour time frame that the sites were down for set many people a flurry, most jumping on Twitter (which was still up and running) causing a range of hilarious tweets and reactions...

The best was from the Queensland Police, "Yes, FB & Insta are down. No, it's not a police matter. Yes, we're enjoying the break from baby & food pictures. No, we can't arrest anyone."

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