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A Woman Was Murdered By Her Neighbours For The Worst Reason

This is horrific.

A father and daughter from the UK have been jailed for 14 years for killing their neighbour because she popped a child’s football.

Kelly Machin, 34, was punched by Natalie Bollen, 28, and her dad William Jelly, 48, following a heated argument. 

Kelly had become fed up after a ball that had belonged to one of Bollen’s four kids, was continuously thrown over her fence.

After the ball was popped, Bollen banged on her neighbours door yelling: “I’m going to kill ya”.

After the assault on August 23rd last year, Kelly was left with five broken ribs and died 10 days later from internal bleeding.

According to the defending lawyer, John Cammegh, “It was an impetuous moment of madness on the part of Miss Bollen,” he said. “She lost her temper.” 

So sad that two families have now been left devastated for such a petty reason.

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