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THE Ryan Reynolds Gives One Fan The Ultimate Revenge Idea

Teenage heartbreak. There is nothing like it…unless you have savvy photoshop skills and Twitter.

Gabi Dunn, a schoolgirl from the US, broke up with her boyfriend just a few days after prom.

To help her achy breaky heart, she decided to get a little revenge and ended up with the ultimate wingman. 

Gabi superimposed images of Ryan Reynolds into her prom pictures in the place where her ex stood.


Tweeting out the evidence, she also tagged the actor in the post… and voila, got his attention.

“My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to ‘edit’ the photos a little @VancityReynolds,” she tweeted. 

Like the incred guy that he is, Ryan tweeted back some awesome advice.


Dead(pool)set legend that guy is!

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