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There’s A Big Problem With This Aussie Brands New Product

First. World. Problems

Jessica Vincent, from Victoria’s Bendigo, recently purchased some Peter Alexander underwear – a set embroidered with each day of the week.

Upon opening the box, Jessica was SHOCKED to have received two Thursdays, in place of a Monday.

The long-term shopper ‘made a complaint’ on the company’s Facebook page

“I had my heart set on your 7 Day Knicker Box Set,” Jessica wrote on the page. “As I'm sure you understand, undergarments marked with the days of the week are something only an obsessively organised person would desire, therefore, it was a purchase decision I grappled with. What if I lost the Wednesday pair? What if I had a busy week and got behind with my laundry, only to get to the weekend and find all that was available was Tuesday?”


Lol. At least she has a sense of humour.

'Nervous as I was, I managed to set these doubts aside; for I'm never behind with the laundry and I don't lose things. Steeled with this knowledge, I made the purchase and headed home, confident in my decision,” she said. “Which is why I was so unprepared for the horror that awaited me upon opening the box.

'I'm sure there are individuals who would not mind adorning their rear with "Thu." each Monday; for example the illiterate, or the criminally insane,' she added.  

'Since I am neither, I can only assume you are trying to enforce either Commando Mondays or Cardio Workout Thursdays. I look forward to a response from you regarding this unfortunate and untimely issue. Please don't delay; it's Monday.”

Bahahaha Jessica Vincent. What passion she has and such a great sense of humour.

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