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This Dad’s Prank On His Two Daughters Is Golden

If you like pranking your kids, then you better up your game.

A Dad in the US made sure his daughters, five and seven, had a holiday to remember… but it started with a twist.

The youngsters were headed to Disneyland…and the joke was, they didn’t know.

The Dad, who goes by the name Drewcraft 20 on reddit, posted a pic to his account of the two girls in pale pink t-shirts, with messages on the back.

His seven-year-old daughters shirt read: “I’m going to Disney and I don’t know it” and the message on his five-year-old daughter’s said: “I wish I could read.” LOL. 


In an interview with the Sun, the Dad spoke about the prank he pulled.

“The seven-year-old didn’t see the back of her shirt, thus the joke — she’s going to Disney and doesn’t know it and the five-year-old can’t read so she doesn’t know either.”

The girls then only discovered where they were headed when they arrived at their hotel.

“Our girls found out when the driver taking us from the airport to the resort handed them pink roses and said ‘Welcome to your Disney princess vacation’,” he said. “The looks on their faces was amazement. Memorable dad moment." 

Nawww… a million brownie points for this Dad!

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