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The Pimple-Popping Video That's Been Watched 21M Times

It feels like a little while since a decent pimple-popping video graced our computer screens but boy-oh-boy this one is making up for lost time. 

Unlike Dr Pimple Popper's handiwork, this clip, uploaded to Facebook by Mach5Weird, is one big close-up of a lot of hectic blackhead removals. 

And it's somehow even more satisfying than any of spot-squeezing beauties we've seen up until now, we're guessing because there are so very many of them and they ALL come out so cleanly.

We're obviously not the only ones who think so, either; as of today, the video has been viewed more than 21,500,000 times. 

That's a LOT of blemish-busting lovers. 

Check it out below but, as usual, maybe give it a miss if you've a weak stomach. 

If not, go with your bad self. 

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