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This Girl Has Been SLAMMED By Her BF For The Worst Thing

Hell hath no fury like social media users defending a woman!

The Twitter-verse have voiced their fury after a teen has slammed his GF for sharing a flirty bikini photo.

The [now ex] boyfriend of the year, told Katie Testa, 19, that he didn’t like her cellulite or stomach.


Matt, who Katie dated for five months, was told by her delightful boyfriend, that he dated her because of her personality and tried to ‘avoid her weight’.

“You have cellulite on your legs and I hate it and stomach isn’t how I like [sic],” he wrote IN A TEXT MESSAGE.

{Insert 10000 x angry emoji’s here}


 After Katie posted the disgusting exchange between them, hundreds and thousands of strangers have lent their support.

“Lmfao he played himself cause you lookin’ great,” wrote one man. 'You're gorgeous, he doesn't deserve you!!' someone else added.

But the best comment?

“To all the ladies with cellulite, you cant spell cellulite without U LIT!”

Damn straight!

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