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‘Asian Bachelorette’ Sketch Sums Up Diversity Issue In TV

This is a hilarious way to waster 8 minutes of your work day today.

The guys at US production company, Wong Fu Productions, have addressed the severe lack of Asian faces in the American Bachelorette (which we in Australia can all relate to also).

The video imagines a version of the show in which (almost) all of the contestants vying for the blonde bachelorette’s heart are Asian.

It’s hilarious and really clever and is a direct response to Western Society desexualising Asian men.

The video also makes an incredz mockery of the show itself – it’s like watching Matty J with a whole bevvy of brunettes. If only…

“[It’s] a season unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” says the host. “Literally. We’ve never even seen like two Asians at a time.”

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