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This Is The Real Reason Why Restaurants Don't Split Bills

“Sorry we don’t do split bills here…”

We know you’ve all heard this a million times and it’s at that point in the evening when it’s time to queue the eye roll.

Unfortunately, this ‘no split bill’ policy is widely accepted in Australia but did you know there’s actually a legit reason for it?

There seems to be a combination of issues that contribute to the policy.

The time it takes for staff to divide up bills and the fact that card payments are more time-consuming than cash, are the top reasons for the procedure.

The key in hospitality is to be flexible… otherwise, for patrons it feels like you are not, well, hospitable. 

James Coward from the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association, spoke to News.com.au. He said the general feedback from restaurants was that “the choice not to offer the option of split-billing is due to the amount of time it takes to separately calculate the individual totals of each paying customer particularly when there are large groups involved”.

In other Western countries like the US, splitting the bill is no problemo - hopefully, Australia can iron out the kinks and change their policy.

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