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THIS Is What Happens When You Ask Siri If Jon Snow Is Dead

We know that Siri can be one SASSY little so-and-so, so I always LOVE when someone discovers how to get the best, sassiest reactions out of her.

The latest one is centred about Game of Thrones, and specifically, Jon Snow.

If you ask Siri whether or not Jon Snow is dead TWICE, you get a HILARIOUS answer.

If you ask, “Is Jon Snow dead?” in a reference to the show’s season cliffhanger, Siri might reply: “Well, you know what they say to Death ... Not today! But why would tomorrow be any better?Anyway, I’m not exactly sure.”

Even the celebs are getting in on the action!

Kerry Washington lost it when she realised Siri was referencing Jon Snow’s canine companion! #brilliant

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