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This Robot Can Do Backflips And It Needs To Be Banished

Robotic technology has come a long way and it’s equal parts amazing and terrifying. What engineering and technology can accomplish is definitely incredible, but when you think about just how much these robots could potentially accomplish in the future, it’s hard to remain calm.

Boston Dynamics have released a new video that shows their Atlas robot jumping around, doing spins and whatnot as if it’s no big deal. The robot also manages to pull off the most perfect backflip too! Give it a watch and experience the tingles of amazement mixed with fear.

It’s pretty cool that a robot can do a backflip but the last thing we need is for the robot to gain self-awareness and become a backflipping killer robot! Thanks technology.

If you didn’t watch till the end, I recommend you give it another watch because you get to see the Atlas robot fail and fall flat on its face! See, robots are just like us humans… which just makes it somehow even creepier in a way. 

We better listen to Elon Musk, guys. AI could be a huge threat to humanity if we aren’t careful, and teaching them how to backflips and tricks just brings us closer to our demise. 

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