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This Woman Just Proved That Your Dress Size Isn't Everything

A size 12 woman in the UK has hit out at fashion giant H&M after squeezing into a size 16 dress.

Lowri Byrne, a 22 year old uni student, claimed she could “barely breathe” when she tried on a dress that was supposed to be four sizes bigger than her.

Posting on the company’s Facebook page, she told the retail giant: "Please sort your sizes out because this is absolutely ridiculous!” 


According to Lowri, she had to ask if the dress came in a size 18. It didn’t. In fact, she was advised to ‘go up a few sizes’.

Lowri was concerned, not just for the fact that she couldn’t buy the dress, but that “so many women take what size dress they buy to heart” 

Ouch! What type of world are we living in?


In an interview with Mail Online, she said: "I'm happy that my post has had the support it's had and that women now realise that the sizes are small in H&M and has nothing to do with themselves."

Love a positive message!

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