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We NOW Know Why Men Are Always Hot And Women Are Always Cold

Next time your boyfriend complains he's too hot, as he sits in a t-shirt on a cold winter's night, you may want to resist the urge to turn up the heater, and opt for another blanket. 

You see, it's not an old wives' tale that men are always hot and women are always cold. There is some truth to it. 

The male and female temperature control, is in fact quite different and there are proven differences between our circulatory system functions. 

It all relates back to hormones. Women are designed to be better at conserving core body temperature, to keep a developing foetus warm.While a man's core temperature can drop slightly and they won't even notice. 

It seems women are always cold because we have smaller bodies, which means we have less heat-generating muscle mass. Also, women have a lower metabolic rate, which all contribute to a loss of heat.

It also appears not only do women have the joy of becoming angry, emotional and hungry each month, it's now been revealed we also become colder - and I'm not just talking about after a fight.  

So there you have it. I think we all need to cut each other a bit of slack next time someone complains about the temperature. 

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