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Weightlifting Mum Attacked Online For Lifting Weights During Pregnancy

A pregnant personal trainer was attacked online after she posted a photo of her lifting weights to her Instagram.

Sophie Guidolin, a 26-year-old mother of two, is a successful fitness blogger with more than 197k followers of her Instagram.

Alot of people express concern over women exercising in pregnancy and I 110% understand why. There are so many myths, old wives tales & opinions out there it is hard to understand what is the truth and what is made up. In my opinion, listen to noone except your qualified & trusted medical staff. This week is my 26Th week of pregnancy with twins. Each pregnancy is different & exercises that I or anyone else may be doing may not be safe for your body to perform. I have studied my pre/post natal certificate for fitness and still believe it comes down to each individuals fitness, pregnancy and circumstances. I might admit, I am VERY lucky that my husband has 10+ years experience in the industry as a qualified dietician & trainer so it certainly helps for me 😘 for the FIRST TIME EVER we are joining our education, qualifications & experience to bring you a second to none program for MALES & FEMALES tailored to your individual fitness levels & ability!▶️✅ @thebod_ ✔ ✔️✔️✔️✔️#12weeksleft #twinpregnancy

A photo posted by SOPHIE GUIDOLIN (@sophie_guidolin) on

She was pictured lifting 30kg weights, with some people claiming that it's too heavy for a pregnant woman, despite it being half her normal lifting capacity.

Under the watchful eye of her husband Nathan, who is a strength and conditioning coach, she came under fire for her decision on Monday night.

She is pregnant with twins and continues her workout regime, as cleared by her doctor.

She told the Daily Mail that she mainly got negative feedback from men, who claimed the weight was "considerably heavy".

"My son is 29 kilos - if he falls asleep somewhere, I have to carry him," she said.

"To me, that's not a heavy weight. It all comes down to what's heavy for the individual and what they could lift prior to pregnancy."

She said that the pros of exercising while pregnant definitely outweigh the cons.

"I get it, I've had a miscarriage before and it's horrible, I wouldn't wish it upon anybody. There were people saying I'm going to have a prolapse [gynecological hernia], but its no different to if I bent down to pick up a pencil, or the groceries.

"Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, but people associate it with exercise. The pros of exercising during pregnancy definitely outweigh the cons. I really hope that pregnant women understand the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle while pregnant."

During her last pregnancies with her 8- and 6-year-old sons Guidolin gained around 28kg, but has only gained 7.5kg so far this time around.

Her twin girls are expected at the end of August

Everyone has been asking for a comparison shot between pregnancy #2 & #3 (twins) Same gestation in photos, 1st photo is my 2nd son (Ryder) so are differences (besides my horrendous blonde attempt) 😂 I had 10cm diastasis recti with my first (Kai) who was over 10pounds & fell pregnant within 3 months of giving birth, so it never had a chance to heal. Before pregnancies #1 & #2 I had never exercised, had zero core strength, so as soon as I had any growth in my stomach it all hung out. 1st photo I had gained 15.4kgs / 2nd photo I had gained 5.5kgs I am exercising about 2-3 times MAX per week-pilates & walking.I am not restricting calories or following a meal plan, but instead eating wholefoods. I think the difference is my strong strength😘 I love seeing the difference in each of my pregnancies and love each and every journey for their own reasons x

A photo posted by SOPHIE GUIDOLIN (@sophie_guidolin) on

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