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Why Couples Are More Likely to Cheat on Their Partner Today

Couples in the UK are being urged to be cautious of what their partners are up to today, being Friday 21st July.

According to British affairs website IllicitEncounters.com, today is the day when brits are most likely to cheat.

The day, known as "Frisky Friday” comes about because tomorrow is the last chance for most cheaters to play away before schools break up and their family comes first for a few weeks in the UK.

Infidelity experts at Illicit Encounters clocked a staggering 20 per cent rise in site activity at the start of July, soaring up to 45 per cent in the third week of the month.

They say that this will peak tomorrow, since it will probably be many adulterers' last shots at hanging out with their lovers before school's out for the summer.

The site expects that traffic could be up by as much as 65 per cent, as frantic love rats scramble to arrange one final rendezvous.

This is because the long summer holidays stop most cheaters from sneaking about behind their partners' backs, and will see many going on holiday away from their lovers.

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