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Why Everyone Needs To Stop Hating On The Starbucks Girl


Not so long ago, there was a time when an incident, like a stolen credit card, would happen and it would be dealt with by the authorities and they would be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

As in, by the police.

However, these days there’s a whole new level to punishment for crimes like this, and it’s called the internet.

Sometimes, the internet is a fantastic aid, allowing us to spread word fast when we need to get a message across and rally the troops for an important cause - but sometimes, it spells nothing but trouble.

When you watched the video, no doubt you probably felt angry, imagining that it was your own card that was stolen and how ANNOYING that would be.

You probably imagined her running off and buying clothes, or drugs and generally just having no respect or remorse for what she’s done.

However, what you need to remember is that we know nothing about this girl.

All we know is that she made a mistake; one that she owned up to straight away.

We also know that she’s only 19-years-old. We have no idea about her background, or where she comes from, or what her family is like.

We don’t know if she suffers from depression, or was desperate for the money for a reason we know nothing about.

We also don’t know if she’ll be reprimanded by her family for the degree of public attention she’s attracted - and we don’t know how that attention will affect her.

When you think about how much this level of attention and public ridicule affects people like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, it’s hard to believe that an unknown 19-year-old girl could walk away unscathed.

She even says, "I'm a good child, I am a good child!" as she tries to calm down the angry customer. And the look in her face makes me think she's not lying - but maybe I'm silly.

Let’s all have a think about that before we take fire.

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