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Why Has Instagram Blocked This Hashtag?!

For girls that are in need of a dose of body positivity, you may struggle to find it on Instagram right now.

That's because Instagram have recently blocked the search for #curvy. Instead other hashtags like #CurvyGirl, #CurvyFashion and #CurvyWomen pop up when you type the term into the hashtag section of the search.

So, what's up with the block?

According to a report on Mashable, the ban has nothing to do with the word' 'curvy' itself, instead they choose to block certain hashtags, making them unsearchable, when lots of people try to use them to share content that goes against community guidelines. Reportedly in this case, the hashtag #curvy was used to violate their nudity policy.

One of the best Instagram accounts to follow to promote some good ol' fashioned body confidence, is @style.your.curves, which showcases women from around the world styling the s*** of their curves.

The problem is, if a certain hashtag is being linked to photos that are violating policies, it's easier to block a hashtag than it is to remove every single photo that violates the terms.

Earlier this year, Instagram apologised for removing a photo of a menstruating, but fully clothed woman.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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