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Woman Captures Creepy ‘Ghost Servant’ On Snapchat

Things just got real up in here…

Danielle Hyde, 21, and her friend, Savanna Brown, 23, were visiting Tryon Palace in North Carolina, when they captured what appears to be a GHOST on Snapchat.

According to the history of the palace, a fire started in the basement in 1798, engulfing the palace and killing a young servant girl.

The footage captured by the girls, shows a ghostly figure roaming the halls and to be honest, we’ve got LEGIT goosebumps.

"We were just going around on the tour and listening to the guide,” Danielle told the LadBible. “I wasn't trying to capture anything specific but showing the surroundings.”

"I only noticed the ghostly figure in the background when my cousin messaged me, saying: 'Is that a ghost?'''

Danielle didn’t notice the figure until a week later, then she re-watched her snap.

"Nonetheless, people don't typically capture this stuff on camera. When we were down in the cellar it was freezing, yet the windows weren't open and it was hot outside," she said.

Wait a minute… could it just be a member of staff all dressed up or was it the ghost of servants past?

What do you think?

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