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Woman Wins Internets Love After Response To Check Out Boy

ATTENTION: Women menstruate.

This might seem like an obvious fact, but for this Coles check out boy, he had to learn the hard way...

Lauren Jovanovic dared to go out in public while she was menstruating (shock), to purchase some Libra pads.

The young male staff member at her local Coles thought it was appropriate to ask her, while scanning her sanitary items through the register, "have you tried Viva paper towels, I've heard they're pretty absorbent?"

Lauren was naturally angry at this response and posted this to Coles Facebook page.

Hi Coles. Just wondering whether your male checkout staff receive training on appropriate conversation and facial...

Posted by Lauren Jovanović on Monday, August 3, 2015

And over 100,000 people on Facebook agree with Lauren's post on Coles Facebook page.

Lauren, naturally, threatened to shove Coles brand paper towels up the employees "bum hole".

"...if any of your male employees claim that some crazy woman offered to insert a roll of viva paper towels up their bum hole to see just how 'absorbent' they really are, then I must assure you that they are lying. I actually suggested 'Coles' brand."

So, we guess this serves as a lesson about appropriate responses when coming into contact with a menstruating person...

Source: Facebook

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