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You Actually Won’t BELIEVE What Michael Phelps Eats In 1 Day

If you’ve been watching the Games, no doubt you’ve noticed Michael Phelps’ body.

Not in a creepy way, but I’m sure you’ve noticed how built and muscular and LEAN he is. What if I told you that you too could have that body?

And you can get it by eating 12,000 calories a DAY! That means eating pretty much whatever you want!

Well that’s what Michael Phelps does, in fact, you wouldn’t believe what’s on his menu each and every day. It would straight up blow your mind.

Okay, i’ll do it.


- 3 x fried egg sandwiches with A LOT of cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions and mayo.

- two cups of coffee

- a five egg omelette

- one bowl of grits (maize porridge)

- three slices of French toast with powdered sugar

- three chocolate chip pancakes


- one pound of pasta with tomato sauce

- two large ham and cheese sandwich with mayo on white bread

- energy drinks that equal around 1,000 calories


- another pound of pasta with sauce

- a whole pizza of six or eight slices

- more energy drinks

So, how can he get away with eating this much and still look so good?! Health professionals, such as sports trainers, nutritionists, physicians, and others say that Phelps can probably eat whatever he wants to eat.

This is because his metabolism is so fast that he burns calories much faster than the average man of his age.

Happy bday @ryanlochte !!! The old dudes on the team now!!! #rio #usa🇺🇸

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He does train for 5-6 hours a day, however, which means his body needs fuel to burn through!

His extreme training has forced his metabolism to speed up so that he can accommodate this many calories without becoming chubby or overweight.

Professionals add that Michael Phelps diet consists of the calories he needs for energy to give his muscles fuel and to recover and repair the muscles.

He has around eight percent fat in his body, and if he does not consume enough carbohydrates during a competition, Phelps could reach the stage when the body is out of carbohydrate fuel or muscle glycogen and it needs to begin to burn fat.

Source: Michaelphelps.net

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