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You Will NEVER Guess Who Sonia Kruger's BIGGEST Supporter Is

Pauline Hanson has defended Today Extra's Sonia Kruger during a heated ABC Q&A debate after the Kruger admitted she wanted to ban Muslims from entering Australia.

The live panel of senators had been discussing radicalisation and terrorism when the One National leader said ''And I'm saying ''Go Sonia.''

She carried on to say ''I think it's great that someone is standing up because she's expressed her feeling about it.''

'She's referred to Japan, for a population of 127 million people, they don't have terrorism on their streets.

'You've got Brussels now the biggest Muslim state there with 300,000 in there, you've got 10 percent in France, you have the problems on the streets of France,' Ms Hanson said.

Kruger caused controversy on Monday for saying she would ''like to see it (Muslim immigration) stop now for Australia.''

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari was on also on Q&A with Hanson and said ''When someone like Sonia Kruger goes on this morning and talks about banning Muslims from coming to the country - or it's black and white in Pauline Hanson's policy document - what they're effectively saying is people like my parents shouldn't have been allowed to come to this country because of where they were born.''

''It's hurtful, and it's painful.''

Q&A continued to go down the path of talking about Muslims when Senator Dastyari revealed he was Muslim, and Hanson admitted she was ''surprised'' he was.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters said ''Why because he doesn't have three heads?''

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