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You'll Never Guess What The New Sport Of Today Is

This week, The Thinkergirls delve into the murky waters of 'Relationships of the Future'.

With the influx of technology, the way we meet people, date and have sex is influenced by the digital age.

Stacey and Kristie want to know - where will human relationships end up and how will we get there?

On last night's show, the girls spoke to Renee Slansky, the founder of the Dating Directory.

"Technology has shaped and changed our dating culture," Renee said. "It used to be really hard to meet someone in real life, but now, technology has opened a whole set of new avenues."

With this, Renee believes that dating has become a sport of some kind, and is not just about meeting someone to share a relationship with.

She also believes the media has glamourised our perception of adultery and encourages a disposable attitude towards infidelity.

"It's almost acceptable to have an affair now," she said. "Cheating has always been around, however, it's a lot more accessible nowadays."

When using apps, there is no accountability for how we interact. It has become easier to access a site that hides our identity.

The break up process is now easier than ever because people don't need to do it face-to-face. This dehumanises the relationship and essentially takes the 'relationship out of the relationship'.

Listen to the full chat below:

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